Freeze Dried Survival Food Japan Kyushu Seaweed Miso Soup X 10 Servings [T11F71104X10]

Freeze Dried Survival Food Japan Kyushu Seaweed Miso Soup X 10 Servings [T11F71104X10]

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Wait for 10 seconds only after you pour the water! Easy, tasty and healthy

n Japan, there is a popular proverb that Miso soup kills a doctor. The health effect of Miso is excellent enough to turn doctors adrift. Miso is a fermented food which has rich soy-proteins and includes saponin and lecithin which helps reduce cholesterol. Japanese consume Miso soup daily because of its known health benefit. The Miso culture has been expanded to national area with various types that have both good flavor and taste. With Amano Miso soup, you get the health benefit and excellent flavor and taste.

  • These products are attracting attention as health foods.
  • Excellent nutritional food source for family preparedness.
  • Easy and tasty
  • Very suitable for breakfast
  • Very filling, Better digestion
  • Deit food and easy to loss Weight


  • (1) Japanese Seaweed Miso Soup 9.5g×10 servings

【Nutrients of one serving】

  • Energy : 33kcal
  • Protein : 2.4g
  • Fat : 0.6g
  • Carbohydrates : 4.1g
  • Sodium : 550mg
  • Sodium Chloride equivalent : 1.8g


  • Seaweed, miso (soybeans are not genetically modified), green onion, seasoning flavor (bonito), mirin and bonito extract, pork, onion, roasted sesame seeds, bouillon powder, kelp, dried bonito, seasoning (amino acids), oxidation inhibitor (vitamin E), spice extract, (some of the raw milk ingredients, including wheat)

【Expired Duration】

  • 1 Year

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