Hot-selling natural ingredient's professional curry roux powder (Mild) 135g [T57F111126]

Hot-selling natural ingredient's professional curry roux powder (Mild) 135g [T57F111126]

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Item Description

Product Description


Hot-selling natural ingredient’s professional curry roux powder (Mild) 135g





Using flour made in Japan

  • 30% fat cut
  • No chemical seasoning
  • No animal ingredients (lard, beef fat, and bouillon essence)




Sokensha Co concept is

1)      More Delicious

2)      More Natural

3)      More Healthy

4)      No-MSG, No Preservation, No Artificial Flavor









  • Blending 25 kinds of various ingredients
  • Roasting made in Japan flour
  • Using organic safflower oil
  • Only using plant ingredients
  • Powder curry roux for more convenience
  • Use it for any curry roux uses



How to make

  1. Cut various vegetables into pieces and fry various vegetables
  2. Add 850ml water and cool 15-20 minuets
  3. Add curry roux powder (while stop cooking)
  4. Cook with low flame        


Name: curry roux


Flour (made in Hokkaido), organic safflower oil(made in Australia), palm oil (Malaysia), sugar(Hokkaido),yeast extract(USA, foreign country, Japan), Malt extract(UK) curry roux(India), salt(Mexico), onion powder(USA), garlic powder(China), red pepper(China), Apple juice(Nagano and Yamanashi prefecture), tomato powder(Italy), soy bean

Content weight


Best by

240 days from production

Storage condition

Dark, low humidity and cool place


Sokensha Co


Food value

Energy: 107 kcal

Protein: 1.5g

Lipid: 5.9g

Carbohydrate: 11.8g

Sodium: 751 mg

Salt content: 1.9g



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