Charcoal Soap Japan Beauty Care Cleansing Soap [T40HD416]

Charcoal Soap Japan Beauty Care Cleansing Soap [T40HD416]

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Weight: 200g


Item Description


MASERON Charcoal Cleansing Soup 90g
( high-grade charcoal produced from ubame oak Japan )
ECO item for health and beauty.

  • Binchotan charcoal adsorb the dirt in the pores and sebum. The far-infrared radiation from this
    charcoal is the most appropriate to human body, and it will rivitalize the human cells.
  • POINT 1: A natural Binchotan charcoal will sufficiently remove the dirt on your skin
    - Binchotan charcoal will remove all the unneccesary things on your skin
    such as sebum, dirt, perspiration and wastes which causes of skin trouble.

    - The new skin underneath the old horny substances will dynamically disolve
    the skin roughness or oily skin!

    - A natural Binchotan charcoal fine powder has very strong adsorbing power.
  • POINT 2: A powerful combination of Binchotan charcoal minerals and 10 kinds of natural essence
  • POINT 3: 100% natural vegetable materials
    - The basic material is pure plant vegetable foundation made from palm oil.

    - No coloring and unscented or no additional wastes.

    - The only ingredient which is good for skin is combined.

    - For those who has sensitive skin.


  • Made In Japan
  • Size: 85mm×58mm
  • Net. W: 90g


  • Charcoal, Squalane, an essence of an agar weed, an essence of a burdock,
    an essence of Japanese honeysuckle, glycerin, German chamomile oil,
    an essence of Asian ginseng, an essence of apricot kernel, an essence of cnidium rhizome,
    Rosemary oil

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