Japan Tohoku AOMORI Chinese Style Noodles Ramen Japanese Noodles X 4 servings [T27F011942]

Japan Tohoku AOMORI Chinese Style Noodles Ramen Japanese Noodles X 4 servings [T27F011942]

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The original taste of Japan famous Ramen restaurants,
now you can taste it at HOME!

Soy Sauce (Shōyu) Ramen typically has a brown and clear color broth, based on a chicken and vegetable (or sometimes fish or beef) stock with plenty of soy sauce added resulting in a soup that’s tangy, salty, and savory yet still fairly light on the palate. Shōyu ramen usually has curly noodles rather than straight ones, but this is not always the case. It is often adorned with marinated bamboo shoots or menma, green onions, kamaboko (fish cakes), nori (seaweed), boiled eggs, bean sprouts and/or black pepper; occasionally the soup will also contain chili oil or Chinese spices, and some shops serve sliced beef instead of the usual chāshū.

  • Aomori Nagao Chinese-style Noodle --- The local restaurant instantly became very popular right after they opened it in the Hamada District in Aomori in 2004.
  • Nagao Chinese-style Noodle: ‘Ramen with a rich niboshi(dried sardines) flavor’
    --- It leaves you with a refreshing aftertaste of Tsugaru’s dried sardines.
  • It is the real ‘back-to-the-source’ Chinese noodle.
  • Unlike all the various Ramen noodles these days, they stick to the original style of Chinese noodles and made it simple so that their Ramen has become something that people want to eat again.
  • They never compromise on their soup. Using an abundance of well-selected chicken stock and niboshi, they’ve achieved to make the delicious soup with very clear taste.
  • It takes 2 whole days to make the soup from chicken and pork bones, and it spends another whole day in the refrigerator until it’s ready to be served. Four kinds of well-selected niboshis are generously added to the soup, and make it bring out the various great tastes with the rich niboshi flavor. And the taste creates a new version of Tsugaru Ramen, which is distinctively different from previous Tsugaru’s Chinese-style Noodles.


  • Tohoku [Aomori Chinese-style Noodles (Ramen)]
    (Soy sauce flavored soup with curly, medium thick noodles) × 4 servings


  • Noodle:
    Wheat flour, wheat protein, reducing starch syrup, salt, processed starch,
    alcohol, kansui (alkaline solution), gardenia (food coloring)
  • Soup:
    Soy sauce, lard, pork extract, salt, chicken flavored oil, niboshi(dried sardines) powder, dried sardine extract, reducing starch syrup, gelatin, ferment extract, alcohol, seasonings (amino acids etc.), thickener (processed starch), caramel(food coloring), emulsifier


  • Noddle: 110g × 4 packs (Curly, medium thick noodles)
    Soup: 54g × 4 packs (Soy sauce soup)

【Expired Duration】

  • 90 days from the date of produce
    *Please note that the expiration date may become sooner due to the length of storage and the date of shipment.


  • This product is packed in the box which is suitable for survenior / gift / present / or other special occation.



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