Japan ONLY ONE Konjac + Charcoal Face & Body Cleaning Sponge Puff [T40HD423]

Japan ONLY ONE Konjac + Charcoal Face & Body Cleaning Sponge Puff [T40HD423]

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Item Description

NEW Freeze Dried Japanese Miso Soup


Made In Japan Binchotan Charcoal + Konjac Face & Body Cleansing Sponge Puff 8g
+ Miraculous gentle and Refreshing wash!
  • Bincho charcoal is very good for your beauty & health.
    + Bincho charcoal contains minerals, and it absorbs dirt and excess oil on the skin.
     Also, charcoal atomizes water molecules so that the minerals penetrate deep into the skin.

    + Please try the great power of Bincho charcoal.

  • Micronized Bincho charcoal powder is contained.
    + Charcoal absorbs dirt and excess oil and removes old skin cells from the skin.

    + Bincho charcoal cleans water, and micronizes water molecules. The moisture penetrates deep  into the skin or hair, and gets rid of waste products.

    + Minerals contained in charcoal penetrate into the skin.

  • Bincho charcoal’ is a natural eco-product which is essential for our beauty and health.
  • KONJAC (Konnyaku) Puff with Bincho Charcoal Powder Contained
    + It’s a plant-origin sponge made from Bincho charcoal which makes the skin clearer, and
     konnyaku which is known as konjac food.

    + By soaking it in hot water, it gets soft like a cushion and feels very good.

  • KONJAC (Konnyaku) Puff with Bincho Charcoal Powder Contained
    + Moisturized konnyaku fibers have water coatings on them, and do not damage the surface of the
     skin even if you rub your skin quite hard with it.

    + Also, the coating is alkalescent, so the puff can clear off fuzz hair and old skin cells without
     using soap by neutralizing dirt on the skin.

  • Product Name:
    Sponge made from ‘Bincho charcoal and Konnyaku’: for the face and the body
  • Size:
    (On Dried) 52mm×75mm×24mm
    (On Wet) 70mm×90mm×30mm

  • Net. W: 8g

  • Ingredients:
    Konjac (Konnyaku), Bincho charcoal powder, calcium hydroxide

【Point to Notice】
  • Do not use when you have an irritated skin, or when your skin turns red by using it.
  • Please use after it gets soft in hot (lukewarm) water.
  • Put lather on the puff, and massage the skin gently.
  • Charcoal has great absorption power, so you can just massage the skin with the moistened puff
    without using soap.

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