Organic Germinated Brown Rice Ball (with wakame seaweeds) 90gx2 [T49F412]

Organic Germinated Brown Rice Ball (with wakame seaweeds) 90gx2 [T49F412]

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Item Description

Organic Germinated Brown Rice Ball

(with wakame seaweeds) 90gx2

Can be stored for a quite while.

Expiry is 1year !

Suitable for food for emergency.


It is made of 100% organic Japanese germinated brown rice.

Freshly steamed rice balls were packed for long storage.

Mixed with wakame seaweeds from Naruto,

famous for high-quality wakame seaweed.




By microwave (500W):

Remove the film lid or pierce the lid, then cook for 1minute for 1 rice ball.

(2 minutes for 2 rice balls)


By boiled water:

Put into boiled water with facing down the lid,

then keep boiling for 10 minutes with middle heat.


Name: Retort packed rice (germinated brown rice with wakame seaweeds)

Ingredients: Organic brown rice (from Japan), Wakame Seaweeds, Salt

Sterilization method: Sealed in airtight package, then put heat and pressure on them.

Net weight: 180g (90gx2)

Expiry: 1year

Storage: Keep away from sunshine, store in room temperature

Manufacturer: Kojima Foods Co Ltd.


Nutrition fact (per 90g, 1 rice ball)

Calories: 128kcal

Protein: 2.8g

Fat: 0.7g

Carbohydrate: 27.5g

Sodium: 240mg


*Package may be changed.

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Item Description

Weight 180g

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