No salt added 'Soumen' noodle for baby (from 5months to toddler) 100g [T48F20370]

No salt added 'Soumen' noodle for baby (from 5months to toddler) 100g [T48F20370]

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No salt added ‘Soumen’ noodle for baby

(from 5months to toddler) 100g

Invented based on mom’s opinion


The length of noodle is about 2.5cm (about 1inch), good for baby food

No salt added

Package with zipper, convenient for storage




Recipe with baby ‘soumen’ noodle

*Noodle porridge with tomato soup (for age of 5-6 months)



5g of baby ‘soumen’ noodle

1/2 of strained tomato

2 teaspoon of broth



-Boil ‘soumen’ noodle for 4 1/2 minutes, and then mash it.

-Put mashed noodle, strained tomato and broth into a heat-resistant container.

-Cover with plastic wrap and heat it for 20 seconds in microwave.



*Simmered noodle with Chinese white cabbage and tofu

(for age of 7-8 months)



10g of baby ‘soumen’ noodle

a pinch of dried bonito flakes

10g of soft tofu, 100ml of broth

1/8 leaf of Chinese white cabbage



-Boil tofu and strain it. Cut it into small pieces.

-Boil Chinese white cabbage and strain it. Shred it.

-Put broth, tofu, Chinese white cabbage and bonito flakes into a pan, and boil it.

 Add ‘soumen’ noodle and boil for 4 1/2 minutes.

-Put it into a bowl, and cut noodles into 2-3mm.



*’Okonomiyaki’ Japanese-style pancake

(for age of 9-11 months)



20g of baby ‘soumen’ noodle

1/2 of beaten egg

10g of sashimi whitefish

a bit of Vegetable oil

1 teaspoon of carrot

1 teaspoon of cabbage



-Boil baby ‘soumen’ noodle, and cut it into 1-2cm.

-Boil whitefish, and flake it.

-Boil carrot and cabbage until they become soft. Mince them after boiled.

-Mix noodle, fish, cabbage, carrot and egg to make batter.

-Put vegetable oil into a pan and heat it. Put batter into it.

-Brown on both sides, and then cut it into bite size.




*Fried noodle with ground beef (for age of 12months and over)


20g of baby ‘soumen’ noodle

3-4 drops of soy sauce

40g of onion

1/2 teaspoon of vegetable oil

18g of ground beef (red meat)



-Boil onion, and slice it into thin strips.

-Boil ‘soumen’ noodle for 4 1/2 minutes, and drain it.

-Put vegetable oil into a pan, and heat it. Fry ground beef.

 And then add onion, noodle and soy sauce and fry them together.



No salt added ‘Soumen’ noodle

for baby (from 5months to toddler) 100g

Invented based on busy mom’s opinion


Why is this good?

No salt added.

 You can cook with just a pan without throwing away after boiled water.


The length of noodle is about 2.5cm (about 1 inch),

convenient for cooking baby food

You can make noodles shorter by grabbing noodles over the package

so that you don’t have to use knives or scissors.

Also you can adjust the noodle length based on baby’s age.


Can cook with microwave


Package with zippers, good for storage



-Boil water in a small pan. Put noodles into it and boil for 4 1/2 minutes.

(Pease see the package to prepare noodle and water based on baby’s age.)


-Transfer noodle into a bowl. Cut noodles to adjust the length.


Name: ‘Soumen’ noodle

Ingredients: Wheat

Net weight: 100g (about 10 servings for age of 7months baby, about 8 servings for 9months,

about 5 servings for 12months and over)


Expiry: 1080 days

Storage: Keep away from sunshine and humidity. Store in room temperature.

Manufacturer: Hakubaku Co. Ltd.


Nutrition fact (per 100g)

Calories: 351kcal

Protein: 11.2g

Fat: 1.8g

Carbohydrate: 72.6mg

Sodium: less than 30mg


*Package may be changed.

*Allergic substance in the product: Wheat

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