Premium Freeze-dried Kiyoumen's Japanese somen noodle with chicken 66g

Premium Freeze-dried Kiyoumen's Japanese somen noodle with chicken 66g

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Weight: 135g


Item Description

Premium Freeze-dried Kiyoumen’s Japanese somen noodle with chicken 66g






-High quality Freeze-dried somen noodle

-Soup: frying fish essence soup

-vegetables: bog Choy, green onion, soft seaweed, Japanese citrus, Chinese cabbage, carrot, burdock

-good for all generation (baby to elderly people)





How to make          

  1. Pour 350ml boiled water for this product
  2. Wait for three minuets





Name: Freeze-dried chicken noodle soup


Noodle: flour, salt, sesame oil, antioxidant

Powder soup: glucose, sugar, salt, yeast essence, soy sauce powder, dried small sardine, flying fish powder, dried bonito essence, kombu powder

Vegetables: seasoning chicken, Chinese cabbage, soft seaweed, green onion, bog choy, carrot, burdock, Japanese citrus, antioxidant, spice, flour, soy ben

Content weight

66g (noodle, soup powder, spice)

Best by

7 months from production

Content weight

Low humidity, cool and dark place


Sakari Sei-men Co




Food value

Energy: 250.63 kcal

Moisture: 5.68g

Protein: 9.869g

Lipid: 1.775g

Carbohydrate: 48.706g

Ash: 4.97g

Sodium: 1846mg

Salt content: 4.686g


Allergen: flour, soy bean, chicken, sesame


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