Japanese beauty care product 'Binchoutan' Charcoals + Photocatalyst Deodorant Body Towel [T40HD417]

Japanese beauty care product 'Binchoutan' Charcoals + Photocatalyst Deodorant Body Towel [T40HD417]

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Weight: 200g


Item Description

‘Binchoutan’ Charcoals+ Photocatalyst Deodorant

Body Towel


It absorbs smell and dirt with the power of 7Binchoutan’

Japanese brand charcoals and photocatalyst.

Also it has two textures; rough surface and soft one.


It makes your skin clean, and towel itself does not smell after use.

Furthermore, it has antibacterial effect so that it can be clean.


It is made with fabrics mixed with ‘Binchoutan’ charcoal powder

and photocatalyst fabric.








1.Charcoal absorbs dirt.

Charcoal has lots of holes, which absorb dirt and smell. Also it removes toxic substance like chlorine.


2.No smell because of double deodorant effect!

The fabric is mixed with special deodorant elements, and it has two deodorant effects, which are ‘chemically absorb effect’ and ‘photocatalyst effect’.

Towel itself does not smell.



3.Two types of surface

Rough surface makes lots bubbles. You will feel clean and fresh.

Soft surface keeps bubbles longer and softer.

You can use it for washing sensitive parts.



4.Dry quickly!

Absorbing water like cotton and drying itself like polyester, it dries quickly. It keeps deodorant effect after washing towel.


It’s so comfy that you will enjoy shower time.


Name: ‘Binchoutan’ Charcoals + Photocatalyst Deodorant Body Towel


Fabrics: ‘Binchoutan’ charcoal powder, 58% Cotton, 33% Polyester, 9% Rayon

(fabric mixed with ‘Binchoutan’ charcoal, photocatalyst fabric)

Shrinkage ratio: about 155


Size: about 20cm x 100cm


Caution: Do not scrub too much on the same point.

Do not use if you have problems on your skin, or it causes problem on your skin.

Rinse it well, squeeze, and dry it at well-ventilated place without sunshine.

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