Best-sellingJapanese cosmetic brand 'Jun-mai water' Rice Bran Extra Moisture Lotion (for dry skin) 130ml [T59H030K]

Best-sellingJapanese cosmetic brand 'Jun-mai water' Rice Bran Extra Moisture Lotion (for dry skin) 130ml [T59H030K]

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Best-selling Japanese cosmetic brand

‘Jun-mai water’ Rice Bran Extra Moisture Lotion

(for dry skin) 130ml

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For people with dry skin

This lotion gives lots of moisture to your skin. It is extra rich like moisture essence,

which help skin be more bouncy.




*Check if there is no problem on your skin before use.

*Do not use it when there are hurts, eczemas or any other problems on your skin.

*Discontinue to use when you have any redness, echiness, irritation or any other problems during/after use, or after getting sunshine.

Dermatologist’s consultation is highly recommended. Symptoms may be getting worse when you continue to use.

*Rince immediately when it gets into eyes.

*Keep away from baby or toddolers.

*Do not put back to the bottles once you got lotion outside to keep quiality.

*It may change colour because of sunshine or room light, but no problem for quality.



Rice bran skin care helps you keep your beauty through all ages.



1. ’Ibis Rice bran extract’ – to keep moisture


Rice bran extract comes from rice bran, which contains plenty of elements to improve your skin, like amino acid, Vitamin E and B complex, and rice bran oil.


We use ‘Ibis Rice bran extract’ in our ‘jun-mai’ cosmetics.


‘Ibis Rice bran extract’ is our original extract from rice grown with ‘raising ibis method’. (The method can raise ibis and grow safer rice.)


It can moisturize your skin, and has anti-oxidant effect,

so it is good for anti-aging skin care.



2. Rice bran ceramide – to protect your dry skin


Ceramide is a main element of fat between cells to let stratum corneum protect you on surface. It will decrease with aging and be lost though dryness or damages on the skin.

Rice bran ceramide will play role of lost ceramide, and will keep moisture in stratum corneum and protect skin from problem putside.



3. Fermented rice bran extract –to support skin

to improve itself

Fermented rice bran contains Vitamin B and E, minerals and other elements to improve your skin. Also it is confirmed that it can increase elemrnts related to moisure and protection, so it could boost skin’s power to improve itself.




Put lotion onto cosmetic cotton or your hand. Apply it gently to your face.







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