No addiction, No seasoning seaweed and ume's (Japanese plum) Freeze-dried soup 10p [T34F46401X10]

No addiction, No seasoning seaweed and ume's (Japanese plum) Freeze-dried soup 10p [T34F46401X10]

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Weight: 256g


Item Description

Product Description


No addiction, No seasoning


seaweed and ume’s(Japanese plum)


Freeze-dried soup 10p






  • No addiction
  • No seasoning
  • Only 18 kcal for one bowl
  • Five different kinds of Seaweed and Japanese plum’s freeze-dried soup
  • Using roast sesame for savory taste



How to make

  1. Put this product into bowl
  2. Pour 160ml of boiled water or water
  3. Mix them well





  • This product is for
  • Lunch at office
  • Stock for emergency
  • Bring this with outdoor activity
  • Bring this for abroad
  • Gift for friends and family


Name: Japanese soup


Ume(Japanese plum), kombu essence, starch extract, salt soy sauce, roast sesame, brewed seasoning, perilla, dried bonito essence, sugar, mekabu(thick wakame leaves), bonito soup, yeast essence, gelatin, kagome kombu, kombu, seaweed, agar, perilla essence, ume vinegar, brewing vinegar, reduced starch syrup, antioxidant, wheat, soy bean, seaweed, agar

Content weight

6.1g x 10p

Best by

1 year from production

Storage condition

Dark and room temperature


Cosmos food Co




Energy:18 kcal

Protein: 0.8g

Lipid: 0.5g

Carbohydrate: 2.6g

Sodium: 702mg

Salt content 1.8g





*the package might be different




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