Hot-selling natural ingredients Shokensha's healthy tuna can 90g [T57F120553]

Hot-selling natural ingredients Shokensha's healthy tuna can 90g [T57F120553]

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Weight: 206g


Item Description

Product Description


Hot-selling natural ingredients Shokensha’s healthy tuna can 90g





Sokensha Co concept is

1)      More Delicious

2)      More Natural

3)      More Healthy

4)      No-MSG, No Preservation, No Artificial Flavor




Contain much oleic acid

-          To lower cholesterol level

-          Prevention for heart disease

-          For better stomach condition


Using precious tuna for this product

You can use it for salad, sandwich, curry, pasta, fried-rice, etc..

It does not contain chemical seasoning and artificial flavor







Name: tuna can


Tuna, safflower oil, salt

Content weight


Best by

1080 days from production

Storage condition

Dark place, after you open the can you should eat as soon as possible


Shokensha Co



Food value

Energy: 112 kcal

Protein: 18.1g

Lipid: 4.3g

Carbohydrate: 0.14g

Sodium: 20.3mg

Na: 0.07g






*the package might be different





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