Organic Rice Cracker (Salt flavour) JAS Certified Organic food [T81UG15547]

Organic Rice Cracker (Salt flavour) JAS Certified Organic food [T81UG15547]

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Weight: 100g


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Organic Rice Cracker (Salt flavour)

JAS Certified Organic food

Made from 100% organic rice, and sea salt,

mildly salted rice cracker


*Uegaki Rice cracker factory in Kobe for over 100years*

Generally Kobe is famous for Western style confectionery and high-quality wine.

On the other hand, Uegaki factory has been manufactured Japanese snacks

over 100 years thanks to high-quality clear natural water from Mt. Rokko.

It keeps being dedicated making great rice crackers with traditional method.



Made from 100% organic sticky rice cake mixed with sea salt. Simple, but delicious!


*JAS Certified Organic Food*

To be certified, it must be satisfied the ‘JAS Organic Standard’ by investigators.

Investigators go to factories to check all criteria strictly.

(e.g. no agricultural chemical or chemical fertilizer is used, non-organic ingredients

must be used less than 5% of all ingredients, etc.) 

‘JAS Certified Organic Food’ sign shows the food is truly organic.


Nutrition fact (per one bag)

Calories: 204kcal

Carbohydrate: 44.3g

Protein: 3.2g

Sodium: 355mg

Fat: 0.9g


Name: Snack


Ingredients: Organic sticky rice (from US), Salt, Organic sesame, Seaweed


Net weight: 50g


Expiry: 150days


Storage: Avoid direct sunshine, high temperature and humidity. Keep cool and dry.


Manufacturer: Uegaki Rice cracker factory


*Package may change without notice.


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