Canned Bread (Plain) [T81FS8005]

Canned Bread (Plain) [T81FS8005]

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Weight: 200g


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Canned Bread (Plain)

Enjoy freshly baked bread anytime, anywhere!




The shelf life is 3 years!

Soft and simple bread which was made with our unique method.

Good for outdoor activity (camping, fishing, etc.), food in emergency,

gift (cute panda package makes people smile!)






1.Pull the ring to open a can

2.Tap a can to make bread smoothly out from a can

3.Wrap a bread with plastic wrap, then microwave it for 20 seconds


Canned Bread (Plain)

Enjoy freshly baked bread anytime, anywhere!



Name: Canned Bread (Plain)


Shel Life:  3years (1095days)


Storage: Store in room temperature


Ingredients: Flour, Sugar, Margarine, Egg, Bread yeast, Maltose, Dairy product,

Salt, Emulsifier, Flavoring, Coloring (Contains wheat, egg, milk and soy beans in ingredients)


Allergen: Wheat, Egg, Milk, Soy bean


Distributer: Face Co., Ltd.


Net weigh: 100g

Nutrition fact (per 100g)

Calories: 322kcal

Protein: 9.2g

Fat: 8.8g

Carbohydrate: 51.6g

Sodium: 0.5g


*Package may change without notice.


Category: non-perishable food, food in emergency, outdoor, gift, panda

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