Yellowtail Teriyaki 2 pieces [T81KK15554]

Yellowtail Teriyaki 2 pieces [T81KK15554]

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Weight: 200g


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Yellowtail Teriyaki 2 pieces



Juicy and soft! Tastes better if you warm it up!

- For main dish

- Additional dish to your dinner or lunch

- Appetizer with alcohol drink

- For camping or outdoor activities


“Zen” line-ups are for busy people like you!

- Ready to eat! No need to cook!

- Good for lunch, dinner and appetizer for alcohol drink

- Can be stored in room temperature

- Small portion, always fresh


Yellowtail Teriyaki 2 pieces

Grilled juicy yellowtail glazed with soy sauce and sugar.


It helps you when…

- You are too busy to cook

- You feel sick or just tired

- There is no food to cook

Just microwave it for 60-90 seconds!




1. Open the package, put fish on a microwavable container.

2. Cover with plastic wrap.

3. Heat it for about 60 seconds.

*Hot water*

1. Boil water in a pan.

2. Put the package into a boiling water.

3. Heat it for 5-6 minutes.


Name: Yellowtail Teriyaki 2 pieces


Ingredients: Yellowtail, Soy sauce, Sugar, Mirin, pH adjusters,

Xanthan gum, Caramel coloring, Acidulant, Seasonings

(may contain wheat or soy beans in the ingredients)


Expiry: 1 year


Storage: Avoid direct sunshine and high temperature.

Store in room temperature. (Consume it as soon as possible once opened it.)


Sterilization method: Pressured and heated in vacuumed pack


*Package may change without notice.


Category: yellowtail, teriyaki, ready to eat, dish, long storage,

food in emergency, vacuumed pack, gift, small portion




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