Nippon no Kajitsu Blueberries from Iwate prefecture [T81KK90511]

Nippon no Kajitsu Blueberries from Iwate prefecture [T81KK90511]

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Nippon no Kajitsu

Japanese Blueberries from

Iwate prefecture





Blueberries from Iwate prefecture, Japan.

We only picked up lager size of blueberries for you!

Using the granulated sugar, which is often used for

high-class confectioneries, for syrup,

this product makes the most of the taste of fruits

and brings out the refined sweetness.




【Harvest Time】


For blueberries, harvest time differs depending on the types.

  Usually early July to August is the busiest season.




【Tips for Blueberries】


Have you ever noticed that white powders

sometimes cover blueberries?

That powder is called “bloom”, and it prevents the fruits

from sickness and keeps the freshness.



Size: M2

Capacity(drained weight): 80g

Capacity(total weight): 185g




                                      【Recommended Recipes】


Berry Berry Clafoutis

Supper easy recipe! Just mix blueberry, strawberry and other ingredients. You can make it as a birthday cake.

*Ingredients* Cooking time: 45 minutes

1 can of ‘Japanese Fruits’ Blueberry (Drain syrup)

Strawberries (Cut in ¼ vertically)

A)      100g          White Sugar

A)      60g             Flour(sifted)

A)      200cc          Whipping cream

A)      50cc             Milk

A)      15g             Melted butter


1. Mix ingredients ’A’ together with hand mixer.

2. Put blueberries and strawberries into the baking dishes. Then put butter into ones.

3. Preheat an oven to 180C Celsius. Bake 30 minutes with water bath.





Blueberry beverage (2 Types)

Great for summer!


<Ginger Blueberry>

*Ingredients* for 2 servings Cooking time: 5 minutes

½ can       ‘Japanese Fruits’ Blueberry

½ tablespoon          Honey

1 cup        Ginger Ale

Some ice cubes



1. Mix blueberries, syrup and honey in a glass. Add some ice cubes.

2. Gently pour ginger ale to the glass.

3. Nicely separate with blueberries and beverage. Stir and enjoy!

*You can switch ginger ale to beer or sparkling wine for adult.


<Blueberry Yogurt Drink>

*Ingredients* for 2 servings  Cooking time: 5 minutes

½ can       ‘Japanese Fruits’ Blueberry

1 tablespoon           Honey

1 cup                          Yogurt

½ cup                          Water

Some mints


Mix blueberry, syrup and honey. Then add yogurt and water. Pour it in the glasses. Put mint on top.




Blueberry Frozen Yogurt Bars

*Ingredients* for 6 sticks   Cooking time: 30 minutes (excluding freezing time)

1can         ‘Japanese Fruits’ Blueberry

A)      250g       Yogurt

A)      45g          Honey

A)      10g          Lemon juice

A)      ½             Lemon peel (grounded)

100g         Whipping cream

10g            Sugar


1. Mix all A) ingredients in a bowl.

2. Mix sugar and whipping cream in another bowl, and whip into medium-firm peaks.

3. Mix 1 and 2 together.

4. Put mixture and blueberries into bar moulds in turn to get marbled effect.

5. Tap the moulds to remove air. Freeze them with sticks for more than 8 hours.



Blueberry Ice cream

*Ingredients* for 4 servings  Cooking time: 20 minutes (excluding freezing time)

1can         ‘Japanese Fruits’ Blueberry

1 cup        Whipping cream

¼ cup       Milk

30g            Sugar

2-3 piece Mint leaves


1. Whip cream with hand mixer into medium-firm peaks.

2. Mix blueberries, milk and sugar in a bowl. Add whipped cream into it.

3. Put it into a freezer. Check and stir while freezing. Repeat this about 3 times until the mixture is frozen nicely.

4. Serve with some blueberries and mint leaves.





Blueberry Smoothie

*Ingredients* for 2 servings  Cooking time: 3minutes (excluding freezing time)

1can         ‘Japanese Fruits’ Blueberry

3 cup        Plain Yogurt


1. Free blueberries with syrup.

2. Mix frozen blueberries and yogurt with a mixer.





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