Nippon no Kajitsu Yellow Peach (Golden Peach) from Yamagata [T81KK90514]

Nippon no Kajitsu Yellow Peach (Golden Peach) from Yamagata [T81KK90514]

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Nippon no Kajitsu

Japanese Yellow Peach (Golden Peach)

from Yamagata





Yellow peach from Yamagata, Japan.

 Flesh sourness and melty texture are different from other peach,

so very popular at  fruits market.

The syrup made from granulated sugar, which is often used for

high-class confectioneries,

makes the most of the taste of fruits

and brings out the refined sweetness. You just try it!


【Harvest Time】


 Late August to early September is the busiest season for harvest.



【Tips for Yellow Peach】


Yellow peach is also called “Mango Peach” because

its yellow pulp and melty texture are very similar to mango.



Size: M2

Capacity(drained weight): 110g

Capacity(total weight): 195g




【Recommended Recipes】


Peach Yogurt with Chia Seed


*Ingredients* for 2 servings  Cooking time: 20 minutes

1 can  ‘Japanese Fruits’ Yellow Peach

100g  Greek Yogurt

1 tablespoon  Chia Seeds



1. Separate peaches from syrup. Put two pieces of peach aside for decoration. Add chia seeds to syrup, mix well, then leave for 15 minutes.

2. Mix peaches and Greek yogurt for 10 seconds with blender.

3. Serve with extra chia seeds and peach (for decoration) on top.



Cold Capellini Pasta with Peach

*Ingredients* for 2 servings  Cooking time: 15 minutes (Excluding cooling time)

½ can ‘Japanese Fruits’ Yellow Peach

120g Capellini

Salt and pepper

10  Semi-dried tomatoes (Sun-dried tomatoes)

1 tablespoon Vinegar

2 tablespoon   Syrup from fruits can

3 tablespoon Olive oil

4-8 slices prosciutto



1. Mix vinegar, syrup, salt and pepper, and olive in a bowl.

2. Add semi-dried tomatoes and mix well.

3. Boil capellini, and rinse well with cold running water.

4. Marinate capellini with 2.

5. Serve with peaches and prosciutto on top.


Cold Peach Soup

Nice sweet dessert soup!

*Ingredients* for 3-4 servings  Cooking time: 5 minutes

1 can    ‘Japanese Fruits’ Yellow Peach

1 cup   Plain yogurt

½ cup Whipping cream (or milk if you like lighter flavour)

½ tablespoon   Lemon juice

1 tablespoon White wine (you can make it without wine for kids)

1 tablespoon Honey

Mint leaves

Olive oil


1. Separate a couple of peaches for decoration. Mix well all ingredients except mint and olive oil with blender or mixer.

2. Cool the soup well. Serve with peaches (for decoration) and mint on top. If you like richer flavour add a bit of olive oil.


Peach Sangria Fruits Ice Pop

For adult only (shhh…)

*Ingredients* for 6 servings  Cooking time: 30 minutes (Excluding time for freezing)

1 can    ‘Japanese Fruits’ White peach

1 can   ‘Japanese Fruits’ Yellow peach

A)      100g Red wine

A)      30g  Sugar

A)      1 stick  Cinnamon Stick

A)      4pieces  Cloves

A)      4pieces Black pepper

A)      1cm  Vanilla beans


B)      30g Syrup from ‘Japanese Fruits’ White peach

B)      30g Syrup from ‘Japanese Fruits’ White peach

  1. 100gGrapefruits juice


1. Heat ingredients A in a pan. Stop heating before boiling, then cool down.

2. Put 1 on a strainer to make it smooth, and mix with ingredients B.

3. Put peaches into moulds, and pour mixture 2 gently.

4. Tap moulds to remove air. Put a stick in each mould and freeze for more than 8 hours.




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