NIPPON NO KAJITSU Pear from Tohoku [T81KK90990]

NIPPON NO KAJITSU Pear from Tohoku [T81KK90990]

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Pear from Tohoku


The peach is famous for its rich aroma and moderately ripe pulp.

The granulated sugar in syrup, which is often used for

high-class Japanese confectioneries, makes the most of the

taste of fruits and brings out the refined sweetness.





【Harvest time】


The harvest time of pear is very short.

Usually a middle of September is the busiest harvest season.


Size: M2

Capacity(drained weight): 110g

Capacity(total weight): 195g







       【Recommended Recipes】




Caprese Salad

*Ingredients* for 4 servings  Cooking time:10 minutes

1can ‘Japanese Fruits’ Pear

50g Prosciutto

5 Basil

1 Mozzarella cheese

1teblespoon  Olive oil

½ teaspoon Lemon juice

Black pepper


1. Drain pear well, and cut in half vertically. Cut mozzarella cheese into 5mm thickness. Rinse basil leaves.

2. Place pears and cheeses on a plate in turn. Put prosciutto and basil leaves on them. Pour olive oil, and sprinkle black pepper.


Gorgonzola and Pear Pizza

Enjoy with wine or whisky!

*Ingredients* for 2-3 servings  Cooking time: 15 minutes

1can ‘Japanese Fruits’ Pear

1sheet Crispy pizza sheet

100g Gorgonzola cheese


1. Pre-heat an oven to 230c Celsius.

2. Drain pear and cut in half vertically.

3. Place pears on a sheet. Scatter gorgonzola cheese.

4. Bake for 8 minutes with high heat.




Pear Pie Sticks

*Ingredients* for 4 sticks 

Cooking time: 1 hour

1can   ‘Japanese Fruits’ Pear

1 Egg

1/4cup Milk

1 tablespoon Flour

1 tablespoon Sugar

2 sheets Frozen pastry sheet



1. Defrost pastry sheet.  Separate pears from syrup, and cut into bite size.

2. Beat an egg in the microwave-safe bowl. (Separate ¼ teaspoon of egg for putting it on surface.) Add flour wile sifting, and mix well with a whipper. Add milk, syrup and sugar, and mix them.

3. Cover mixture 2 with plastic wrap gently. Heat with microwave (600W) for 1 minute, and mix again. Repeat the set of ‘heating for 30 seconds and mix’ twice. Make sure the mixture is not powdery when you taste it.

4. Cut pastry sheet into half, and roll it. Put mixture 3 and pears. Fold the sheet into half, and seal the edge with fork. Put ¼ teaspoon of egg on the surface.

4. Bake the pie for 15 minutes with a toaster or an oven, until it gets golden-brown.




‘Dekopon’ Orange and Peach Fruits Ice Pop

Easy recipe! You can try in different juice.

*Ingredients* for 6 servings  Cooking time: 20 minutes (Excluding freezing time)

1 can        ‘Japanese Fruits’ Dekopon orange

1 can        ‘Japanese Fruits’ White peach

a)       50g  Syrup from ‘Japanese Fruits’ Dekopon orange

a)       50g  Syrup from ‘Japanese Fruits’ White peach

a)       130g  Apple juice

a)       20g Syrup


1. Mix ingredients A in a bowl.

2. Put dekopons and peaches into moulds, then pour 1 gently.

3. Tap moulds to remove air. Put a stick in each mould and freeze for more than 8 hours.







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