‘Satsuma-age’ Fried Fish Cake from Kyushu Island 25gx2 pieces [T81KY23565]

‘Satsuma-age’ Fried Fish Cake from Kyushu Island 25gx2 pieces [T81KY23565]

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‘Satsuma-age’ Fried Fish Cake

from Kyushu Island 25gx2 pieces





Made from fresh fish in Kyushu Island, Japan.

Good for appetizer with beer or Japanese sake!


*Eat Kyushu Selection* Enjoy tastes from Kyushu!


Kyushu Island is located in south of Japan,

and blessed with fresh fish and vegetables.

Have relaxed time with fish cakes made

from locally harvested vegetables, fish caught at Kyushu,

or distilled local ‘shochu’ spirits with a glass of alcohol drink.




‘Satsuma-age’ Fried Fish Cake

‘Satsuma-age’ is fish cake from Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan.

Mixed tofu made from Japanese soy beans, fish caught at Kyushu,

and distilled barley ‘shochu’ spirits

called ‘Gin-no mizu (latterly means ‘silver water’),

then kneaded together.  Enjoy mild soy bean flavour.


*How to enjoy fish cakes*

- Serve as it is for appetizer, or side dish.

With microwave, take the fish cake out from the package

and plastic vacuum pack, then place it on a plate.

Heat it for 60 seconds.

With water-bath, take the fish cake out from the package,

then put it into hot water with plastic vacuum pack for about 3 minutes.

- Use fish cakes as ingredients for Japanese ‘oden’ hotpot,

simmered dishes, etc. Flavour from fish cakes give the dishes richer taste.


Name: Fish cake

Expiry: 150days from manufactured date

(Consume it as soon as possible once opened.)

Storage: Store in room temperature. Avoid sunshine. 

Manufacturer: Kobayashi Kamaboko Fishcake Company


Ingredients: Fish (Horse mackerel, Red bigeye, Synodontidae, etc),

Tofu, Glucose, Sugar, Starch, Vegetable oil, Salt, Mirin, Seasoning (Amino acid) (Contains wheat and soy bean in some of ingredients)


*This product is manufactured in the factory handling shrimp and crab.

*Package may change without notice.


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