Salad Chicken Curry Flavour [T65UC10007]

Salad Chicken Curry Flavour [T65UC10007]

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Salad Chicken Curry Flavour






No food additives/preservatives. Cooked chicken breast grown in Japan,

and flavoured with spicy curry.

Storable in room temperature for a year from production date.







What makes this product great?


- Cooked chicken breast grown in Japan

- No food additives /preservatives

- Storable in room temperature, good for camping or outdoor activities

- Genuine chicken flavour and texture

- Cooked in Japan

- Juicy and full of flavour

- Blessed with protein

- Good for the one who is on diet

- Good for low-carb diet

- Easy for preparation




Cooked with secret special method to maximize flavour

and nutrition while avoiding being soggy.

Flavoured with turmeric, coriander, cumin, etc.

You can use this not only for salad, but for sandwich, etc.

*Before you open the package, knead the chicken to make

chicken flavour juice beck to the meat. Also it makes meat tender.




Nutrition fact

Calories: 154kcal

Protein: 30.2g

Fat: 0.7g

Carbohydrate: 0.7g

Sodium: 100mg

*allergen: chicken


Name: Salad Chicken Curry Flavour

Ingredients: Chicken 8from Japan), Salt (from Japan),

Curry powder (Turmeric (from India), Coriander (from Morocco),

Cumin (from India), Fenugreek (from India), Pepper (from Malaysia and Indonesia),

Red pepper (from China), Chenpi (from Japan and China)

other spices (from China))


Storage: Avoid sunshine, Store in room temperature

Sterilization: Put in airproof container, add pressure and heat

Expiry: 1 year (unopened) Keep refrigerated after opening the package,

and consume on the day.

Manufacturer: Uchino

*Package may change without notice.

*Consume as soon as possible after opening the package.


Category: salad chicken, curry, chicken grown in Japan, no additives,

No MSG, low-carb diet







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