‘Buri daikon’ Simmered Yellowtail with Daikon (Ready-made Japanese deli)X3 [T81KK1624612X3]

‘Buri daikon’ Simmered Yellowtail with Daikon (Ready-made Japanese deli)X3 [T81KK1624612X3]

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Item Description


‘Buri daikon’ Simmered Yellowtail with Daikon

(Ready-made Japanese deli)


Simmered yellowtail grown in Japan with daikon until the ingredients absorb flavour well.

Easy preparation! Nutritious and delicious side dish!




It is here for you when

- You are busy

- You are sick

- There is nothing for dinner, lunch, etc.

- You are in camping or outdoor activities

-          You look for appetizer

Just heat it up for 60-90 seconds with microwave!

Easy and tasty!




Nutrition fact

Calories: 134kcal

Protein: 11.2g

Fat: 6.0g

Carbohydrate: 8.8g

Sodium: 1.7g


Name: Ready-made Japanese deli

Expiry: 180 days from manufactured date

(Consume as soon as possible after opening it.)

Storage: Avoid direct sunshine, high temperature and humidity.

Keep in room temperature.


Manufacturer: Kokubu


Ingredients: Yellowtail (from Japan), Daikon, Fermented seasoning,

Soy Sauce, Sugar, Kombu seaweed extract, Ginger, Xanthan gum, Seasonings, Caramel colouring, Water

Allergen: wheat, soy beans

*Package may change without notice.

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