Salt-Free | Japanese Canned Food Set of 3 Different Kinds (Tuna, Tomato&Beans, Mackerel) [T81TS11313]

Salt-Free | Japanese Canned Food Set of 3 Different Kinds (Tuna, Tomato&Beans, Mackerel) [T81TS11313]

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Salt-Free | Japanese Canned Food Set of 3 Different Kinds

(Tuna, Tomato&Beans, Mackerel)




This is a set of salt-free canned foods!

Tasty tuna, tomato&beans and mackerel are all packed in cans,

so you can enjoy eating them whenever you want.

If you care about the amount of sodium and oil you take every day,

this product will be a great choice for you!

Why don’t you start a healthier life without giving up what you want to eat?


[Tuna 70g]


This canned tuna is produced in Shizuoka prefecture where some of Japan’s major

fishing ports are located.

The tuna is slowly cooked in flavorful soup made from fresh vegetables produced in Japan.

Also, Hokkaido’s roasted onion is added to make the soup even more savory.

You will never feel it’s oil- and salt-free!




[Tomato&Beans 235g]


Simple but tasty tomato soup! None of salt, sugar, or oil is used,

so it’s recommendable for health-conscious adults, or even the elderlies and small kids.

Japanese soybeans and barley are the unique ingredients which make the soup a lot healthier.

Just by cooking meat or fish in the soup without adding other seasonings, i

t will be a very tasty perfect dish itself because the soup is already rich in flavor.

By adding a little miso or consommé etc. to the soup, the soup will entirely change,

for the taste of the tomato soup itself is very simple.

You can enjoy changing this soup into various dishes in many ways.




[Mackerel 190g]

The selected Japanese mackerels are so fatty and tasty that any seasonings

like salt are unnecessary. No chemical seasonings are used.

The mackerel is simply boiled in water. You can eat it as it is.

You can use it as an ingredient in other dishes.

It’s so recommendable for anyone who wants or needs salt-free foods!



[The brand history of AIKO CHAN]


“AIKO CHAN” is a brand name of canned products produced by Ito Foods in Japan.

For those “AIKO CHAN” products, only high-quality ingredients are selected,

and any chemical seasonings aren’t used to make you feel the original taste of those ingredients.

Thanks to the high-level quality control, you can safely enjoy the food!



Tuna: Tuna, Roasted onion, Vegetable extract, Sodium

Tomato&Beans: Soybeans, Tomato puree, Onion paste, Pearl barley, Rolled barley,

Wine vinegar, Garlic powder,

Mackerel: Mackerel, Water


[Expiration Date]

3 years from manufacture



Keep away from direct sunshine, high temperature and humidity.

Store at a room temperature.



ITO Foods


※A design of package may change without notice.

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