Yubari Melon Mini Jelly [6 pieces] [T81HF29170]

Yubari Melon Mini Jelly [6 pieces] [T81HF29170]

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Weight: 200g


Item Description

Yubari Melon Mini Jelly [6 pieces]

It tastes just the same as real Yubari Melon!

The mini-sized jelly is incredibly tasty!

*Yubari melons are a brand melon which is highly valued for its delicious flavor. Not only their high sugar content but also their melt-in-your-mouth texture and sweet aroma are unique to Yubari melons. Why you can only eat Yubari melon in Japan and for a limited time Yubari melons are only sold in Japan for several seasons.


The delicious & colorful set of petit jeppies is also great as a gift.

Cool it in the refrigerator. Also you can enjoy them frozen.










melon juice, sugar, fructose, glucose, sugar-mixed isomerized sugar syrup, liquor, skim milk powder, gelatinizer(polysaccharide thickener), acidifier, perfume, paprika pigment, colorings (carotene)








126g (21g x 6 pieces)






Shelf Life


180 days








Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.




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