HALAL Certified Soybean Flour Kinako 80g (2.82oz) [T77MS40003]

HALAL Certified Soybean Flour Kinako 80g (2.82oz) [T77MS40003]

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Weight: 300g

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Item Description

About "Kinako"

Kinako is a fine flour made by grinding soybeans. Accordingly, it is most often translated as “soybean flour.”

It is dried, milled, and roasted soybean flour. It has a fragrant flavor without the unique smell of soybeans.

There are a lot of kinako sweets and it is one of the popular flavor of sweets in Japan.


Features of our KINAKO

Our Kinako (soybean flour) is made from 100% Canadian Soybeans, and manufactured in Japan.

With a shelf life of 300 days, it is a product that lasts quite a while.

In addition, this soybean flour is Halal certified.



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