'Nagoya Kohchin' premier chicken curry (1serving, 200g) [T81NK56912]

'Nagoya Kohchin' premier chicken curry (1serving, 200g) [T81NK56912]

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Weight: 300g


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Ready-made curry with local delicacy

‘Nagoya Kohchin’ premier chicken curry (1serving, 200g)



You can enjoy curry sauce with local delicacy at home.


‘Nagoya Kohchin’ is one of the premier brands of chicken in Japan. You will enjoy the flavour of ‘Nagoya Kohchin’.





Ready-made curry with local delicacy

‘Nagoya Kohchin’ premier chicken curry Medium-spicy (1serving, 200g)


‘Nagoya Kohchin’ is chewy and has rich flavour. This curry sauce is mild to maximize chicken flavour with fried onion.


How to prepare

*For hot water: Put a curry pouch without opening pouch into a pan with boiled water

to cover the pouch fully. Warm up for 3-5 minutes.


*For microwave: Pour curry sauce into a microwavable container.

Cover with plastic wrap and warm it up.


Name: Curry sauce

Ingredients: Chicken, Vegetables (Onion, Garlic, Ginger), Flour, Lard, Curry powder, Sugar, Salt, Chutney, Apple Puree, Vegetable fat, Tomato paste, Soy sauce, Chicken extract, Worcestershire sauce, Honey, Colouring (Caramel sauce), Seasonings, Acidulants,

Spices (Including pork in the ingredients)


Net weight: 200g

Expiry: 720days

Storage: Avoid sunshine. Store in room temperature.

Manufacturer: Mitsukoshi Isetan Food Services Co. Ltd.


Nutrition Fact (per 200g)

Calories: 220kcal

Protein: 6.4g

Fat: 12.6g

Carbohydrate: 20.4g

Sodium: 1052mg


*Spicy Scale: 3 out of 5 (5 is the most spicy)

*Package may be changed.

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