Hair Brush Japan Beauty Care Charcoal Hair Comb [T40HD414]

Hair Brush Japan Beauty Care Charcoal Hair Comb [T40HD414]

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Weight: 500g


Item Description


Made In Japan Binchotan Charcoal Hair Brush
( high-grade charcoal produced from ubame oak Japan )
  • [Binchotan] charcoal is an indispensable eco item for health and beauty.
  • Binchotan charcoal adsorb the dirt in the pores and sebum. The far-infrared radiation from this
    charcoal is the most appropriate to human body, and it will rivitalize the human cells.

  • Be moistened by brushing

  • Make your hair be in healthy condition by binchotan charcoal powder!

  • From brush part to the frip port, binchotan charcoal powder is combined.
  • Its effect gives moisturizer on your hair, and inhibitory effect for the static electricity helps
    to prevent a split hair or break hair.

  • Made In Japan
  • Size: 50mm×185mm×40mm
  • Net.W: 70g
  • Material: - A grip: ABS resin (Binchotan charcoal powder combined)
                    - Hair: Nylon (Binchotan charcoal powder combined)
                    - Hair transplant: Synthetic rubber (Binchotan charcoal powder combined)


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