'Hakubaku' zero-salt buckwheat noodle 180g (about 2servings)×12Pieces [T48F29046X12]

'Hakubaku' zero-salt buckwheat noodle 180g (about 2servings)×12Pieces [T48F29046X12]

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Hakubaku’ zero-salt buckwheat noodle 180g

(about 2servings)×12Pieces



Dried noodle without salt!


Recommend for people who care about salt in your food.



*Increased attention to reducing salt



In Japan, Ministry of health,

Labour and Welfare changed the standard amount of consuming salt per day.

It’s from less than 10g to 9g for men, less than 8g to 7.5g for women.


As of 2008,

average consuming amount of salt is 11.9g/day for men and 10.1g/day for women.

That means men have to reduce 2.9g of salt as well as women to cut off 2.6g.


How about in your country?




When you eat zero-salt buckwheat noodles,

you can reduce about 0.23g of salt compared with other dried buckwheat noodles.


Zero-salt brings out buckwheat’s flavour.




At the ‘Hakubaku’ noodle factory,

they let noodle dough rest twice to ensure high quality of noodle.

During the process, dough will be mixed well with water and it let dough relaxed.


This twice rest realizes smooth and chewy noodle.



Why can zero-salt noodle be made?

*They use specialized floor for this noodle and knead it without air.

In general, dried noodle contains salt, which makes noodle chewy.

They use specialized floor for zero-salt noodle and knead it without air.

That makes it possible to produce chewy noodle.

In addition, they let noodle dough rest twice, which adds its texture.


*They established unique dryness control

Salt can hold water and it prevents sudden dryness of noodle.

In general noodle factories,

if they produce noodle without salt,

noodle will be dry dramatically as the factories can not control temperature,

humidity and wind with lots of care.


On the other hand,

‘Hakubaku’ factory has dry rooms with subtle different conditions so that

they can control temperature,

humidity and wind with care.

That’s why they can stably produce high quality of dried noodle.






‘Hakubaku’ zero-salt buckwheat noodle 180g (about 2servings)


No salt was added while taste is good!


*No salt was added


Generally speaking, salt comes out to hot water while boiling the noodles.

However, some amount of salt is still in the noodle.

You don’t worry about salt at all when you eat this noodle.




*Taste is as good as regular noodles.


You can enjoy ‘soba-yu’, hot water after boiling buckwheat noodles. Try it!




Name: Dried buckwheat noodle

Ingredients: Flour, Buckwheat flour

Net weight: 180g (about 2servings)

Expiry: 360days

Storage: Keep away from sunshine and humidity. Store in room temperature.

Distributor: Hakubaku

Nutrition fact (per 100g)

Calories: 355kcal

Protein: 13.4g

Fat: 2.0g

Carbohydrate: 71.0g

Sodium: 0mg



*Package may be changed.




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Item Description

Weight 3000g

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