Domoto Syokuhin GOHAN NO OTOMO Canned Cucumber (Kimchi) 70g [T81DM0099]

Domoto Syokuhin GOHAN NO OTOMO Canned Cucumber (Kimchi) 70g [T81DM0099]

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Domoto Syokuhin GOHAN NO OTOMO

Canned Cucumber (Kimchi) 70g


In Tano city, Miyazaki, where is blessed with warm weather and fertile land,

professors kindly produce this product one by one.

With their careful cultivation and processing, you may feel its light texture and rich taste.

Because it is canned while it’s fresh, the expiry is extended

to 3 years in the room temperature.

So, you can use it as an emergency food or bring it to travel.




・Canned Cucumber with taste of Kimchi

Only using cucumbers from Miyazaki

Pickle the cucumbers in the taste of Kimchi which is sweet and spicy


Nutrients: Calorie:66kcal, Protein:2.6g, Fats:0.2g, Carbohydrate:13.5g, Sodium:1467mg (contained 3.7g of salt)



Ingredients: Cucumber, Ingredients to pickle

(soy sauce, saccharide (fructose, dextrose, liquid sugar, sugar, isomerized liquid sugar),

Brewed vinegar, Ginger, Sodium, Red pepper, Garlic, Onion, Apple, Tomato,

Seafood extract, Hydrolyzed protein, Seasonings (Amino acid etc…),

Acidifier, Polysaccharide thickener, Carotene

Allergen: Soybean


Expiry: 3years from manufactured


Storage: Keep away from direct sunshine, store in the room temperature.


Manufacturer: Domoto Syokuhin Co., Ltd


※Package may change without notice.

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