[WHOLESALE PRODUCTS] Japanese Foods for Your Events

[WHOLESALE PRODUCTS] Japanese Foods for Your Events

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Item Description

Planning to have an event to attract

a large number of customers?

We gather as many food items

from around Japan as possible,

and help you make your evnet a success! :)

Japan Fair 2014, Sngapore




'Japanese Local Ramen Fair' in Hokkaido



 Japanese Instant Ramen Noodles



Our Products

Japan's local ramen noodles

freeze-dried foods

Japanese tradtional SOZAI foods

Japanese teas

udon/soba noodles

Japanese snacks

and so many more!



What kind of events are you planning to have?

What kind of items are you looking for?

Just talk to us, and we'll look for what you want and supply them to you!


Just contact us! :)


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