Shio Kombu (Salted Kelp) Japanese Popular Condiment 100g [T62FG1100]

Shio Kombu (Salted Kelp) Japanese Popular Condiment 100g [T62FG1100]

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Item Description

Shio Kombu (Salted Kelp),

a Japanese popular condiment that is very rich in umami flavor!



What's "shio kombu"?

Shio Kombu is salted kelp, a traditional Japanese food. (Shio=salt, kombu=kelp)


Shio Kombu is a processed food made by simmering down Kombu with soy sauce.

When the seaweed is dried, it becomes Shio Kombu.


Kombu contains a lot of glutamic acid, which is umami flavor, and it is very rich in calcium and dietary fibers.


Because of its very salty flavor, Japanese people love sprinkling it over plain white rice and enjoy it.






Sprinkle the shio kombu over a bowl of plain white rice and then pour in hot Japanese green tea until it covers the surface.




"Onigiri" (Rice Balls)






"Vegetable Pickles with Shio Kombu"

You can make shio kombu pickles using various kinds of vegetables.








Kombu kelp (from Hokkaido), soy sauce, amino acid solution, syrup, salt, sugar, sorbit, seasonings(amino acid etc.), acidifier,

calcium chloride, polysaccharide thickener, sweetener (liquiorice root),



Net Weight:

100 grams



Expiry Date:

One year (sealed), or 30 days after opened



How to Store:

Before opening the package: Store in room temperature avoiding direct sunlight, heat, and moisture.

After opening the pakcage: Store in a tightly sealed condition avoiding moisture.



Nutrition Facts (per 100g)

Energy: 237kcal

Protein: 19.7g

Fat: 0.4g

Carbohydrate: 38.7g

Sodium: 11.3g










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