Canned Firefly Squid (Miso Taste) 80g can [T69HM31053]

Canned Firefly Squid (Miso Taste) 80g can [T69HM31053]

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Item Description

Canned Firefly Squid (Miso Taste) 

80g can


Hyogo prefecture has the largest catch of firefly squids in Japan.

The freshly caught firefly squids are slowly simmered whole

in miso flavored sauce.






Firefly squids, glucose syrup, miso, fermented rice seasonings, soy sauce,

starch syrup, mirin, fish sauce, dextrin, salt, grated ginger, yeast extract,

spring onion paste, kombu kelp extract, fish extract, soy sauce moromi,

gelatin, red pepper, thickener (processed starch)




Nutrition Facts

Energy 171kcal

Protein 18.1g

Carbohydrate 17.4g

Fat 3.2g

Sodium 2.7g





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