Kirimochi Japanese Mochi Rice Cakes 1kg (2.20 pounds) [T77MS20091]

Kirimochi Japanese Mochi Rice Cakes 1kg (2.20 pounds) [T77MS20091]

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Kirimochi Japanese Mochi Rice Cakes 1kg (2.20 pounds)



What is Mochi?

Mochi is a traditional Japanese food that many enjoy not only during the New Year, but at various annual events.

It has even grown in popularity overseas in the United States alongside with sushi and ramen.

It is made by processing Mochigome, a type of glutinous rice. Typically, Mochigome is steamed and pounded with a pestle and mortar to make Mochi.

On its own, Mochi tastes like rice but has a sticky, stretchy, soft, and chewy texture.

The main shapes are round or square, depending on the region of Japan.

Custom of Eating Mochi on New Year's Day

Japanese have had the custom of eating mochi (rice cakes) at New Year's for hundreds of years.

Mochi has been treated as a scarced food and Mochi-making itself is a ritual in Japan for centuries.

In early times, Mochi was used as an offering to gods and the stretching texture is often associated with longevity.

In Japan, Mochi-making (Mochitsuki) is also seen as a ceremony to wish for prosperity of families as they bond during the making.




Various Ways to Eat Mochi!

Mochi can be eaten in many ways, both as a sweet and as a dish. Here are some of the most classic ways to eat them.

You can get all the ingredients you need in our store, so give it a try!

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