[WHOLESALE PRODUCT] Shiratamako Shiratama Mochi Rice Flour 1kg [T81ES1000BT]

[WHOLESALE PRODUCT] Shiratamako Shiratama Mochi Rice Flour 1kg [T81ES1000BT]

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Item Description

Business-sized Shiratamako Shiratama Mochi Rice Flour 1kg


T81ES1000B   Regular Grade

The most popular and reasonable shiratama flour made from carefully selected Thai glutinous rice.


T81ES1000BJ   Premium Grade

It is pure domestic shiratama flour with a fine texture.
It has a reputation for its whiteness and flavor, and is a popular product with a certain number of fans.
The smooth texture when made into shiratama mochi is pleasant, and it is easy to eat even when you have a poor appetite.


T81ES1000BT    Ultra Premium Grade

This special shiratama flour is made from 100% glutinous rice grown in Niigata Prefecture.
It is a first-class product blended from "Wataboshi" and "Kogane-mochi," two major brands produced in Niigata.
The ratio of WATABOSHI is increased to emphasize the Jori texture.
The result is a soft, yet chunky and elastic texture.


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