[PRIVATE LABELING] Organic Uji Matcha Green Tea Powder

[PRIVATE LABELING] Organic Uji Matcha Green Tea Powder

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Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder [Private Labeling]

Uji Matcha, the Highest Quality Matcha Tea of Japan


Uji Matcha has several characteristics that set it apart from matcha produced in other regions. Firstly, Uji Matcha is highly esteemed both in Japan and internationally, known for its exceptional quality and rich flavor. Located in Kyoto Prefecture, Uji benefits from unique climatic conditions and soil composition that influence the quality of matcha.

Moreover, Uji Matcha possesses a delicate and flavorful profile. Its beautiful green color and abundant aroma distinguish it from other types of matcha. Traditional production methods, including slow grinding using stone mills, contribute to the creation of a rich flavor profile in Uji Matcha.

Furthermore, Uji Matcha is deeply intertwined with traditional Japanese culture, such as the tea ceremony and kaiseki cuisine. It plays a central role in the tea ceremony, providing a serene and indulgent experience for the senses. As a result, Uji Matcha enjoys popularity both within Japan and internationally.

These are some of the distinctive features that differentiate Uji Matcha from matcha produced in other regions. For matcha enthusiasts, Uji Matcha is definitely worth exploring and experiencing.



The unique climatic conditions in Uji Region in Kyoto contribute a lot to the distinctiveness of Uji Matcha compared to other regions' matcha. Here are some of these conditions:

1. Warm summers and cold winters: Uji experiences distinct seasonal changes, with hot summers and cold winters. This climate provides suitable conditions for the growth of matcha tea leaves.

2. Humidity and precipitation: Uji has relatively high humidity and precipitation. This creates a moist environment necessary for the growth and flavor development of matcha leaves.

3. Mountainous terrain and rivers: Uji is surrounded by mountainous areas and has numerous clean water sources. The Uji River flows through the region, supplying abundant water to the tea fields. Clear water is essential for the cultivation of tea leaves and contributes to the quality of Uji matcha.

These interesting climatic conditions combined create high-quality matcha with rich flavors and unique characteristics in Uji.




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