Freeze-Dried Crushed UMEBOSHI Dried Plum Powder 38g [T64F0244]

Freeze-Dried Crushed UMEBOSHI Dried Plum Powder 38g [T64F0244]

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Freeze-Dried Crushed UMEBOSHI Dried Plum Powder 38g

The Kishu region of Wakayama Prefecture is famous for its ume production. The area is known throughout Japan for the quantity and quality of its ume and umeboshi. 

This freeze-dried pickled plum flakes are made in Kishu.





Umeboshi are a popular kind of Japanese tsukemono ('pickled thing'; preserved or fermented) and are extremely sour and salty.




They are usually served as a side dish for rice or eaten on rice balls (often without removing the pit) for breakfast and lunch. 



These very rare umeboshi are made by removing the seeds from pickled plums at a plum farm, drying them using the freeze-drying method (freeze-drying), and then making them into flakes.

One 38g bag is equivalent to 300g of fresh pickled plums.




How can it be used?

You can enjoy the freeze-dried umeboshi flakes in any way you like!


Rice balls



For tempura

As a topping for soba noodles

For sushi rolls

For making pasta

On Yakitori (grilled chicken)

As a topping for salads

and more!




Ingredients: Dried plums (Wakayama Prefecture), salt, shiso herb
Net Weight: 38g
Shelf life: 1 year from the date of manufacture
Storage Method: Store at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

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