All-Natural Hokkaido Vegetables Dried Flakes for Cooking & Baking | Set of 4 Different Vegetables [T77HD414]

All-Natural Hokkaido Vegetables Dried Flakes for Cooking & Baking | Set of 4 Different Vegetables [T77HD414]

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All-Natural Hokkaido Vegetables Dried Flakes for Cooking & Baking | Set of 4 Different Vegetables 


Introducing our all-natural Hokkaido Vegetable Flake Set, offering ease, convenience, and pure Hokkaido goodness!

This set features four varieties of vegetable flakes crafted solely from 100% Hokkaido vegetables, free from any additives.

Simply mix them with water to create a versatile addition to a wide range of dishes, from savory soups to delightful desserts.


Perfect for those with allergies or seeking wholesome baby food options, our additive-free flakes are a safe and nutritious choice.

With no need for peeling or cutting, they streamline meal preparation, making them ideal for busy individuals and caregivers alike.


Here are three reasons why our Vegetable Flake Set will bring joy to your kitchen:


  1. Pure Vegetable Goodness: Our flakes contain only vegetables, without any additives. They're suitable even for those with dairy or wheat allergies, offering peace of mind and a healthy alternative.

  2. Easy Preparation: With no peeling or chopping required, simply dissolve the flakes in water or milk for instant use. Perfect for hectic schedules, they're a convenient addition to any mealtime.

  3. On-the-Go Convenience: Lightweight and portable, our flakes are perfect for preparing baby food while out and about. Simply pack them along with water for hassle-free feeding on the move.


Let's explore the colorful variety of vegetables included in our set:

Pumpkin: Experience the gentle sweetness of Hokkaido pumpkin in every bite. Enhance gratins, pound cakes, or puddings with our flakes for an irresistible upgrade.

Carrots: Enjoy the natural freshness of carrots with minimal bitterness, perfect for soups or savory pancakes. Even picky eaters will love their mild flavor.


Potatoes: Retaining their chewy texture, our potato flakes are ready to use without the hassle of peeling. Whip up smooth mashed potatoes or savory dumplings effortlessly.


Corn: Savor the sweet taste of 100% Hokkaido corn, ideal for cheesy risottos or colorful rice balls. Surprisingly delicious with a hint of nori seaweed.


Additional Highlights:

  • Easy to Carry: Our zippered packaging allows for convenient use and storage, wherever you go.
  • Preserved Vegetable Sweetness: Our flakes maintain the natural sweetness of Hokkaido vegetables, ensuring a delightful culinary experience with every dish.


Discover the convenience and quality of Hokkaido vegetables with our Vegetable Flake Set, perfect for creating delicious meals with ease and confidence.

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