[BUSINESS SIZE 2KG] Thinner-Type Shio Kombu Salted Kelp 2kg for Restaurants, Cafes etc. Very Useful for Cooking [T81KS12125]

[BUSINESS SIZE 2KG] Thinner-Type Shio Kombu Salted Kelp 2kg for Restaurants, Cafes etc. Very Useful for Cooking [T81KS12125]

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Item Description

[Business Size] Thin Type Shio Kombu (Salted Kelp) Made in Shodoshima Island, Japan


Made by a long-established manufacturer in Shodoshima Island, Japan.


Shio Kombu, or salted kelp of Japan is thin strips of seasoned kombu kelp, and it's usesd for making quick pickles, as a seasoning ingredient for cooking, or you can just enjoy it as a topping on freshly cooked rice.

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This is Shio Kombu much thinner than regular ones in the market.


What are the benefits of thinner shio kombu?


Faster Infusion

Thinner shio kombu can release its flavors and nutrients more quickly compared to thicker pieces.

This means that it can impart its umami flavor and saltiness to dishes more rapidly, making it ideal for quick pickling or seasoning dishes when time is limited.


Enhanced Texture

Thinner shio kombu may have a softer texture compared to thicker pieces, which can make it more palatable in certain dishes.

The thinner texture allows it to blend more seamlessly into soups, stews, and other recipes without imparting a chewy or tough texture.


Improved Distribution

Thin shio kombu can be distributed more evenly throughout a dish, ensuring that every bite is seasoned consistently.

This can be particularly advantageous in dishes where uniform seasoning is desired, such as salads, stir-fries, or rice dishes.



Thinner shio kombu may offer greater versatility in culinary applications. While thicker pieces are often used for longer cooking processes or as standalone snacks, thinner shio kombu can be easily incorporated into a wide range of dishes without overwhelming other flavors or textures.



Thinner shio kombu can provide similar flavor-enhancing benefits as thicker pieces but with added convenience and versatility!



SHELF LIFE: 10 months

Net Weight: 2kg

Minimum Order Quantity: Please ask us.



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