Japan Kagoshima’s Regional Specialty Ramen KUROIWA X 2 Servings [T27F016854]

Japan Kagoshima’s Regional Specialty Ramen KUROIWA X 2 Servings [T27F016854]

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Item Description

The original taste of Japan famous Ramen restaurants,
now you can taste it at HOME!

Pork Bone (Tonkotsu) Ramen usually has a cloudy white colored broth. It is similar to the Chinese baitang (白湯) and has a thick broth made from boiling pork bones, fat, and collagen over high heat for many hours, which suffuses the broth with a hearty pork flavor and a creamy consistency that rivals milk or melted butter or gravy (depending on the shop). Most shops, but not all, blend this pork broth with a small amount of chicken and vegetable stock and/or soy sauce.

  • The restaurant opened in Kagoshima in 1968.
  • When it first opened at the same place where the main restaurant is currently located, it was a small restaurant, and had counter seats only.
  • They have been serving their great taste to customers since its opening.
  • The soup is made from pork and chicken bones, but is light-flavored
  • The thin noodles are made straight and chewy to go well with the tasty soup.
  • Please enjoy the taste of the wonderful soup and the sensation when swallowing the noodles.
  • The taste explodes like Sakurajima Volcano in Kagoshima!


  • Kagoshima’s Regional Specialty Ramen KUROIWA (thin straight noodles with pork bone soup)
    × 2 Servings


  • Noodle:
    Wheat flour, wheat protein, reducing starch syrup, salt, processed starch, alcohol, kansui (alkaline solution), gardenia (food coloring)
  • Soup:

    Attached Flavor Packet: Pork extract, reducing starch syrup, lard, salt, chicken paste, soy sauce, chicken oil, seasoning oil, chicken bone extract, gelatin, sugar, alcohol, seasonings (amino acids etc.), emulsifier


  • Noddle: 100g x 2 packs (Tonkotsu (pork bone) soup)
    Soup: 54g x 2 packs (Straight thin noodles)

【Expired Duration】

  • 90 days from the date of produce


  • This product is packed in the box which is suitable for survenior / gift / present / or other special occation.



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