Low-sodium Beef Curry | Only 0.4g Sodium [T81HR5000X3]

Low-sodium Beef Curry | Only 0.4g Sodium [T81HR5000X3]

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Low-sodium Beef Curry | Only 0.4g Sodium 



What do you say if you don’t have to worry about the amount of sodium

even when you are eating strongly seasoned foods like curry?
Well, if you are a person who care about sodium, this curry will be a great choice for you!
A normal beef curry usually contains 3.5-4g of sodium, but this curry only contains 0.4g.

World Health Organization recommends that healthy adults limit

their daily sodium intake to less than 5g.

Even though you understand the fact, you still want to eat delicious food, don’t you?

Carefully adjusted balance of protein, sodium and potassium contained in the curry sauce

makes it so special and delicious!
You can feel a subtle but tasty flavor of vegetables in the curry sauce.


Enjoy the gentle & mild taste!

Why don’t you start an even healthier life without giving up what you want to eat?


Potato, Carrot, Maltodextrin, Sautéed onion, Tomato puree, Beef, Corn
oil, Lard, Curry powder, Sugar, Chicken extract, Garlic, Dried bonito
extract, Processed starch, Caramel colorant, Seasonings(Amino acid…),
Essence, Acidulant, Spice extract ( contains wheat, milk component,
beef, soy beans, chicken, Gelatin)

[Expiration Date]
12 months from manufacture

Keep away from direct sunshine, high temperature and humidity.
Store in a cool and dark place. (Not in a freezer)

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