Organic Strained Sweet Red Bean Paste Anko, KOSHIAN 300g Made in Japan [T81EAS70008]

Organic Strained Sweet Red Bean Paste Anko, KOSHIAN 300g Made in Japan [T81EAS70008]

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Organic Sweet Red Bean Paste Anko KOSHIAN for Japanese sweets 300g Made in Japan



"Anko"-Japanese Organic Red Bean Paste

Sweet red bean paste, is a popular filling for Asian desserts and is quick and easy to make at home!

This is a delicious bean paste made from 100% organic red beans and sugar.


About "Anko"

Many people are often surprised to hear that beans can be enjoyed as dessert in Japan.

But "anko", a paste made from red beans called "azuki", is a staple in traditional Japanese confectionery, and has been enjoyed by Japanese people for centuries.

The taste is

Its sweet taste can be enjoyed alone, or as a complement to other Japanese flavors such as Matcha or Mochi (rice cake)...etc.

To make anko from azuki, the beans are carefully simmered, and then mixed with sugar to produce a paste. This can take one of two forms: “tsubu-an”, where the beans remain whole, and “koshi-an”, which is completely smooth and is made by removing the skins from the beans before mixing them with sugar.


About "Koshi-an"

Koshi-an is characterized by its smooth texture and silky feel. The lack of a crust gives it a creamy texture.

It is very rich in iron. The high iron content not only prevents anemia but also improves skin problems, which may be great for women.

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