Organic Coarse Sweet Red Bean Paste Anko TSUBUAN 300g Made in Japan [T81EAS70009]

Organic Coarse Sweet Red Bean Paste Anko TSUBUAN 300g Made in Japan [T81EAS70009]

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Organic Sweet Red Bean Paste Anko KOSHIAN for Japanese sweets 300g Made in Japan

  • This sweet red bean paste is made from organic azuki beans grown in the blessings of the earth. The adzuki baens are kneaded carefully into mildly sweet paste.

  • Please enjoy the moist and coarse texture of the flavorful red baen paste.

  • Red bean paste is called "anko" in Japan, and it's been loved by Japanese people since antient times. Using this pouch of anko, you can easily make Japanese swerts at home!

  • This red bean paste is made from organic azuki red beans and organic sugar only. Of course, it's glten-free, and no additives or other ingredients are contained.

  • The 300g pouch is very easy to use. Enjoy anko to make sweets such as dorayaki.


Japanese Organic Red Bean Paste

Sweet red bean paste, is a popular filling for Asian desserts and is quick and easy to make at home!

This is a delicious bean paste made from 100% organic red beans and sugar.


About "Anko"

Many people are often surprised to hear that beans can be enjoyed as dessert in Japan.

But "anko", a paste made from red beans called "azuki", is a staple in traditional Japanese confectionery, and has been enjoyed by Japanese people for centuries.

The taste is

Its sweet taste can be enjoyed alone, or as a complement to other Japanese flavors such as Matcha or Mochi (rice cake)...etc.

To make anko from azuki, the beans are carefully simmered, and then mixed with sugar to produce a paste. This can take one of two forms: “tsubu-an”, where the beans remain whole, and “koshi-an”, which is completely smooth and is made by removing the skins from the beans before mixing them with sugar.


About "Tsubu-an"

Tsubu-an leaves the skin of the azuki beans intact so that you can enjoy the texture of the grains.

It contains the umami, gooey and unique flavor of azuki beans themselves.

Tsubu-an is rich in polyphenols, which have an antioxidant effect, and is expected to prevent arteriosclerosis and beautify the skin. It also contains saponin, an ingredient that promotes diuresis and bowel movements, so it is expected to reduce swelling.

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