Old fashion Tokyo's retort western style curry (medium spicy) 200g [T81NK50284]

Old fashion Tokyo's retort western style curry (medium spicy) 200g [T81NK50284]

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Item Description

Product Description


Old fashion Tokyo’s retort western style curry

(medium spicy) 200g



  • In 1965, there are famous curry rice restaurant in Shinjuku
  • We are remaking that taste for retort curry
  • Cooked with various of spice and potato, carrot, and fruit
  • Add butter as accent for unique curry taste
  • Cooked well for making old fashion western style curry


How to heat this up

For boiled water: 3-5 minuets in boiled water

For microwave: Pour this in the bowl and heat up ( You need to take out this product from package)



Name: curry


Beef, potato, carrot, cutter, lard, flour, curry powder, sugar, chutney, salt, tomato paste, beef essence, spice, amino acid, acidic, colorant, flavor, soy bean, pork, apple, gelatin

Content weight


Best by

720 days from production

Storage condition

Dark and room temperature


Mitsukochi Isetan food service Co



Food value

Energy: 348 kcal

Protein: 12.6g

Lipid: 24.9g

Carbohydrate: 18.4g

Sodium: 780mg


*the package might be different        

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