Animal-Free Ramen (flavored with soy sauce) [T81TA11642]

Animal-Free Ramen (flavored with soy sauce) [T81TA11642]

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Animal-Free Ramen

(flavored with soy sauce)

2packs 186g


This is a non-fried ramen which is made of wheat grown in Japan.

You may feel a wonderful flavor of the original soup

(made with soy sauce, sesame oil and some vegetables) when you eat this.




Don’t worry if you are vegetarian, vegan or have some problems taking in animal !

Any animal-based ingredients aren’t used in this product,

So, you may not only eat it by yourself but also give it to foreigners as a gift.




Put the noodles into boiling water for 3-4 minutes.




< Nutrition fact (per 93g)>


Calories: 320kcal

Protein: 10.5g

Fat: 1.6g

Carbohydrate: 65.9g

Sodium: 5.3g



Expiry: 10months


Storage: Keep away from direct sunshine, store in room temperature


Manufacturer: Toa Food Industrial Co.,Ltd


Ingredients: Wheat grown in Japan, Sodium, lye water, powdered soy sauce,

dextrin, sugar, roasted&powdered garlic, yeast extract, processed kelp,

vegetable extract, powdered sesame oil, pepper, amino acid,

caramel pigment, silicon dioxide particulates



※Package may change without notice.



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