For All Natto Lovers! Unexpected Recipe Combinations! Creative Additions for "Natto"

For  All Natto Lovers! Unexpected Recipe Combinations! Creative Additions for "Natto"

For All Natto Lovers! Unexpected Recipe Combinations! Creative Additions for "Natto"

Natto goes well with both rice and noodles.

Just adding the included sauce makes it a perfect companion for rice.

However, the flavoring of natto can often become repetitive.

By adding a few extra ingredients, you can enjoy natto in a completely new way!

These recipes are easy to try, so give them a shot!


Salt and Sesame Oil

A light and refreshing combination is salt and sesame oil.

First, mix the natto thoroughly until it becomes sticky. Then, add a small amount of sesame oil and salt, and mix again.

This brings out the natural flavor of natto in a way that's different from usual.


Included Sauce and Ground Sesame Seeds

Simply adding ground white sesame seeds and sesame oil to the included sauce will double the deliciousness!

First, mix the sauce into the natto. Then add a small amount of sesame oil and mix again. Finally, add ground white sesame seeds to taste.

This can be enjoyed over rice or on its own. It's also recommended to pair it with Korean seaweed.



If you like mustard with natto, you'll love wasabi too.

It makes the unique smell of natto milder and adds a sharp flavor that pairs well with beer.

You can also top a seafood rice bowl with this combination.



Spicy kimchi pairs excellently with natto.

The sweetness of the soybeans and the spiciness of the kimchi create a perfect harmony.

Simply mix an equal amount of kimchi with natto.

You can top it with egg yolk for a natto-kimchi rice bowl or add green onions, bacon, and sesame oil to make fried rice.

It's also great as a topping for pasta or udon.


Tororo (Grated Yam)

Tororo, a representative of sticky foods, is a perfect match for natto.

This combination is great over rice or on soba or udon noodles. The best seasoning for this is white soy sauce, which enhances the deliciousness of tororo.



Avocado, known as the butter of the forest, pairs wonderfully with natto.

Simply cut the avocado into your preferred size and mix it with seasoned natto, and you're done.

Adding lemon juice, olive oil, or tomatoes gives it a refreshing taste similar to carpaccio. It also works well as a topping for curry or cold pasta.



Chopped okra mixed with natto boosts both nutrition and color!

The crunchy texture of the okra adds an enjoyable element to the dish.

This combination pairs perfectly with sake or shochu, so try it when you need one more dish.


A small twist can double both the nutrition and the deliciousness!

Why not develop your own unique natto recipe?


Thank you for reading!

Enjoy our freeze-dried natto as well! It's dried and not sticky, so it's perfect for those who are interested in natto but have never tried!

Freeze-Dried Natto



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